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KAREN (Todd) FLACK in Rochester--Paintings and Murals and Signs  

Art Restoration and Conservation in Rochester 



Have a painting made of your favorite picture or pictures combined.  Possibilities are endless! Portraits may be specialized, children's artwork may be combined with an artist's touch to create a new designer piece, pets may be painted in a new environment, or memorialized from a photograph.

Just email your favorite photo and discuss options with the artist.                    One of a kind, custom artwork.

Paintings and Murals and Signs in Rochester NY Picture...                  PaintingOfaPicture

A vacation photo is turned into a painted memory.

POP Fantasy Portrait

Let's be Creative!

These are the two photos I used to paint this portrait of Tim.  As you see, many other details can be added.  The whiskey, vintage clothing and setting are all changed to create what the customer wants.