A family treasure, even if not very 'old', can have new life after a professional cleaning and fresh coat of varnish or touch-ups to damaged painted areas.

Art Restoration and Conservation in Rochester

Art Restoration Services

Karen (Todd) Flack art restoration and conservationArt restoration and conservation in Rochester

More "Before and After" Examples of Art Restoration.  Cleaning and In-painting to restore lost or damaged areas.

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Before and After Cleaning.  150 years of grime removed reveals true colors and a protective varnish coat is applied for protection and restoration.

Rips in canvas can be repaired, mildew and water damage repaired, and life restored to favorite artworks.  Even the frames can be renewed!

 An example of a piece where unwanted 'additions'(deer, tree, wood pieces and red in sky and water) were removed to restore the original artist's intentions.

This print on paper had part of the image lifted off, water damage and wear in other areas.  The colors were matched to restore the image and revive some lost coloration.

Why 'davincijane'?

My name is Karen Flack and I consider myself a 'Renaissance woman'. I admire the Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, the painter, musician, inventor, politician, scientist, writer,...the man who had an interest in learning and improving himself.  I have many interests which continue to grow daily and wanted a website where I could share my professions and my interests with others.  I hope you enjoy discovering and learn something from your visit here in the process, and find the full meaning of renaissance, 'rebirth'.

Art Restoration and Conservation

Architectural Art Restoration

Artwork recovered, documented, color matched and restored. In this art restoration and conservation project, the ceilings represented canvas art. They were historic ceilings created on canvas over lathe and plaster construction.

During the art restoration and conservation, the image was cleaned and the paint restored to a section that had worn off.  Notice the lovely vibrancy of the colors and the definition restored when grime is removed from canvas art.