Karen (Todd) Flack Fiddler And Performance Musician

The Tommy Brunett Band

Thank you Tre for the incredible shot!

Michelangelo's David to the Tattooed man,

Chalk drawing 2014 entry.  'Transformation' Theme-chalk on cement.

‚ÄčThanks to C7 Photo and Joanne Graham for pics from our July concerts at CMAC and Iron Smoke

2017 Featured artist, "Here today, gone tomorrow" theme.

Shades of Grey at Marge's on the Beach 2019

Shades of Grey...and a Blonde 2019

Freelance violist/violinist/fiddler and performance musician in Rochester - Band, classical, small ensemble, many styles of written and improvised musical performance.

Karen (Todd) Flack fiddler and performance musician

daVinciJaneFine Art, Restoration, Conservation, Murals

Karen (Todd) Flack with the Marshall Tucker Band

After performing with The Tommy Brunett Band, I had this once in a lifetime performance opportunity.  What great musicians and great people!  Thanks y'all!

Freelance Musician - Viola, Violin, Fiddle,

(Classical, Pit Orchestra, Ensemble,

Recording,Country, Americana Band

Stage Performance)