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Mod hat, Persian Fur coat with Mink Collar and Solid Oak Rocker

Dutch Oil Painting, W.F. Daniels, 1950s, Laren, Netherlands

Full Quill Ostrich and Calf skin Justin Women's Cowboy Boot

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Renew, Restore

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I have been pursuing a slightly different course lately in terms of restoration.  I now restore vintage objects to a new life and find owners who enjoy them, saving them from landfills or dusty closets.  Similar to restoring artworks (which will always be my first love), objects made of leather, wood or other materials often respond to a simple good cleaning and protective top coat.  Sometimes a coat or other clothing item needs mending or a button replaced.  I still love matching colors and in-painting lost details, and sometimes I turn old boots into new art footwear by adding painted designs.  The key is to find articles made from quality materials, with quality craftsmanship. 

After I find treasures, I love to do research to find out more about the items.  Each item has its own history and story.  One painting came with the reward of finding out that the artist was the buyer's great uncle.  Sometimes I receive feedback that the buyer was looking for the item for a long time, or that it reminds them of something from their childhood, or in another case, it was an anniversary gift to the parents who wore out the item that was received on their wedding 25 years previous.  

I suppose that to some extent, the vintage restoration process is my way to keep history and memories alive.  We live with 'things' around us in this society, and the appreciation of vintage lends value to the lives that came before us. 


Karen (Todd) Flack daVinciJane Etsy store

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