Karen (Todd) Flack NEW daVinciJane Collection

In the style of John Singer Sargent

In the style of Joaquin Sorolla. 

Each painting in the collection is unique.

They are painted on a vintage surface with a vintage frame which is hand painted or adjusted to specifically match each individual painting.

Look Alike

daVinciJane is embarking on a new Series of Original Artworks

I love to study and learn.  It's just the way I am. 

So my next painting endeavor is motivated by studies and transitions based on famous artists and their works.

The 'Look-Alike' Collection is a group of original paintings that started with the examination and influence of famous artists' paintings.

Most people admire, but cannot afford the million dollar price tags of famous collectible works, so these are affordable original works that can be added to a collection and enjoyed.

daVinciJaneFine Art, Restoration, Conservation, Murals